Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Chronicle v1.02: FileBinder, FilePumper, Proxy Client, Email Bomber.

Pretty much my first 'ACTUAL' post on this blog.

The Chronicle_Version 1.02

What is it?
It is a completely free, must have all-in-one tool for all computer lovers.

[*]E-mail Bomber - Ability to send bulk emails and thereby 'bomb' a user's inbox.
[*]Proxy Client - Automatically extracts fresh and working proxies and provides you with the ability to export and save them to your harddrive.
[*]File Pumper - Allows the user to increase a file's size without corrupting the original file.
[*]File Binder - Provides the user with the ability to bind two files together. (:
[*]Screen Capture - A very handy function; It allows the user to capture their screen with the click of a button.
[*]Spambot - No description.
[*]High end Notification System - Keeps the user informed of updates and notices through messageboxes and alerts in the home tab.


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