Thursday, 1 November 2012

Getting a person's IP address and location from Skype.

In this post, I will be discussing the most elementary method of getting a person's IP address from Skype.

We don't really need anything apart from Skype and CMD for this tutorial.

Let's get started.

1. Add the victim of whom you want to grab the IP address on Skype.

2. After adding him/her, make sure your Skype's window state is set to this:

3. Double click on the victim you wish to grab the IP address of.

4. Next, click your Start Button -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Right click on Command Prompt and click on 'Run as administrator'.
(Windows 7 users can type cmd into your primary search bar.)

5. Close all other Skype windows and other applications except for victim you want to grab the IP address of.

6. In CMD, type 'netstat -nbt' (Without the '  ')

7. A giant wall of text should come up. From it, find Skype.exe

8.  If there is more than one Skype.exe, close all other unwanted Skype tabs.

9.  Now you should get an IP address next to the Skype.exe.

10. After getting the IP address, write it down or copy it and head on to
Once there, just paste in the IP address you have just now copied from the CMD to get the person's location.

WARNING: This tutorial is meant purely for educational purposes and I cannot be held responsible for what anyone might do with the knowledge he/she receives from reading this post.


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