Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Screen Engine v1.0 by Arcane.cfg.

[Image: jtzJn.png]

What does this do?
It is a standalone application designed by me that will modify your registries such that your taskbar looks like that of Windows 7.
Don't get me? You'll figure it out when you see the screen-shots.

About the program
It is free, it is legit, and it works!
I coded this with a little support from my friend, whose name he forced me to not mention.

It is more than easy to use. You just download it, run the exe, click on Install and you're done. You might need to restart your PC for it to take effect though.
It is a one-time application. i.e: You don't need to keep on running it always.
Also, this comes with an option for disabling itself. If you're fed up with your iconized taskbar, you can get rid of it by using the same program.
Just click on the disable button, restart and you're done.

I hope that answers all, or atleast some of the questions that popped in your mind.

Screenshot(s) and Proof(s):

[Image: 0xjAp.png]

Download and Scan Report.
Here's the scan report.


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