Thursday, 14 March 2013

Crash a system by plugging in a Pen Drive/USB.

Hullo, Arcane here.
In this tutorial, I will be showing you how you can crash a computer simply by plugging in a Pen Drive or USB.

This is pretty easy even though it involves the creation of two configuration files. Even a very beginner can do this.

1. Creating the BATCH file.
This is basically the file which does the, uhm, crashing.
The BATCH file contains merely three lines of code.
Creating the BATCH file is extremely easy.

Open up Notepad or any other text-editor of your choice and paste in the following code.
goto a

Once you've successfully done that, go to File -> Save As -> Anything.bat (Anything - Any name of your choice.).
MAKE SURE All Files (*.*) IS SELECTED IN THE Save as type combo box. This is really important.

Now you have to convert this *.bat file into an executable (*.exe).
To do this, use an online converter (
Upload the *.bat file and download the converted *.exe file.

That concludes part 1, which was the creation of the BATCH file.

2. Creating the Autorun.

This is the last and final step for successfully creating our DOOM DRIVE or whatever.
This step is probably easier than the first one.

Open up notepad again and paste in the following code:
open=Anything.exe (Replace Anything with the name of the BATCH file you created and converted to *.exe in Step 1.)
action=RUN Anything.
icon=USB ICON.ico
label=USB NAME
Once you've done that, go to File -> Save As-> autorun.inf
MAKE SURE All Files (*.*) IS SELECTED IN THE Save as type combo box. This is really important.

After you have successfully created both the BATCH file as well as the autorun file, copy and paste both of them onto your Pen Drive  or USB.

Congratulations, you have now successfully created a DRIVE OF DESTRUCTION.

If you now plug the PenDrive onto a desktop/laptop, a pop-up will appear, which when accepted will crash the system to which it is plugged.

Have fun.

- Arcane.cfg

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