Friday, 6 September 2013

How to LEGALLY get unlimited Spotify premium.

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Alright, in this tutorial, I'll be showing you a method by which you can Spotify premium for an UNLIMITED amount of time.
The best part about this method is that it is completely LEGAL.

- An iPhone or iPod Touch with at least firmware version 4.x.
- The "Spotify for iOS 4" app.
- Spotify account signup page.
- A little bit of your time.
Go to spotify's signup page: Sign up

Enter the details you wish to use for your account.
You can enter an invalid email, you won't need to verify it or anything. [Image: b44345b7fd4375804daec096d467971a.png]

You will come to your account overview page.
There is no need for any of this from this point on so close your Safari application and open up the "Spotify for iOS 4" app.
[Image: 3157e10c3b2851c148e508102aff6c21.png]

Enter the details of the account you've just created: [Image: 669163466e2cb292d61f67e47b2d7ff0.png]

This popup for the terms and conditions will pop-up.
You can choose to read the whole thing or simply hit "Accept".
[Image: 334ef8719a4a7f0ac6268eeecf082534.png]

Next this page for Facebook should come up. Uncheck the box at the bottom, and hit "No Thanks".
[Image: fabf5132ddf1f3efba79165e774525f8.png]

And you're pretty much done!
You will now get a pop-up saying your 48-hour free trial has started and you can follow the same procedure to make as many accounts as you want.
[Image: f9cd4cb8365c8648b09a36d793ca8bdf.png]

I did not discover this method, I've only re-written and in some places, re-formatted it.
I got the information from user krmz of LeakForums; all the screenshots belong to him.

- Arcaneyon.

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