Monday, 9 September 2013

Massive paid graphics pack from Darth, Soar, Era, Dare etc. for free!
Alright, now I didn't leak it, I got it off a bulletin board and I'm just sharing it.
It's an exclusive pack which contains a massive number of individual graphics packs that are mostly paid for.
Quote from the guy who leaked it:
This is just a collection of a bunch of GFX packs that I found over the years made by well known YouTubers. There are over 50 packs in this and I practically got everything that I wanted out of them, so I'm sharing

Includes members from Darth, Soar, Era, Dare, etc.
Here's the stuff.
Pack put together by tommy :)

Sub to my youtube if you liked :) :

Dare Micro -
eRa Bafoon -
NitroBlast (EXCLUSIVE C4D Plugin) -
eRa Graph -
eRa Vador -
Dare ASTYL -
eRa Wilso -
Mace -
Dry -
Darth Kamtzy -
SoaR Virus -
SoaR Stealth -
Vohzy -
Reep -
PsyQo Sebvs -
Nexus -
Jnezy -
eRa Vador's CC -
NuhArts -
Koala -
Darth Hydro -

Adamstyl Ex Pack:

Astro Ex Pack:

Astyl Ex Pack:

Bafoon Ex Pack:

Claw Ex Pack:

Denni Ex Pack:

Diaz Ex Pack:

Dry Ex Pack:

Dust Ex Pack:

Exalt Ex Pack:

Exo Ex Pack:

Fox Ex Pack:

Healy Ex Pack:
Part 1:
Part 2:

G4C Ex Pack:

Jigsaw Ex Pack:

Jnezy Ex Pack:

Kamtzy Ex Pack:

Kerr Ex Pack:

Kizqe Ex Pack:

Koala Ex Pack:

Mace Ex Pack:

Nexus Ex Pack:

Nova Ex Pack:
Part 1:
Part 2:

Reep Ex Pack:

Rexa Ex Pack:

Sqinz Ex Pack:

Stealthy Ex Pack:

TPJ Ex Pack:

Varsity Ex Pack:

Viruz Ex Pack:

Vohzy Ex Pack:

Wilso Ex Pack:

Jinsu Ex Pack:

A&S Ex Pack:

Mana Ex Pack:

Fuko Ex Pack:
Part 1:
Part 2:

Ciq Ex Pack:

Graphs Ex Pack: (not fully complete) (complete)

Micro Ex Pack:

ZeeZo Ex Pack:
Part 1:
Part 2:

Revert Ex Pack:

Rises Ex Pack:

Nuh Ex Pack:

Sebvs Ex Pack:

NitroBlast: (plugin)

Greebler: (plugin)

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