Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Infinity Turbo & Checker — Free Instagram and Twitter Turbo

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Infinity is a project that I started working on after releasing my first Instagram turbo.
Apart from being a helluva lot faster than its predecessor, it has a whole array of additional features, including support for Twitter.

Just like the other turbo, this does not make use of the official Instagram/Twitter API so the chances of the application/your account getting banned are slim.

  • Multi-threaded username checker for Twitter and Instagram.
  • Ban filter - Unlike most checkers, Infinity has the ability to filter out banned usernames and does not show them as available.
  • Blazing fast turbo - This is literally faster than or as fast as all the turbos currently available.

Animated Preview:
Here's a quick preview of the checker just to show its speed.
(Full-size: https://puu.sh/sy5Ro/2be07f301b.gif)
I might post a video of the turbo sometime in the future but for now, just check it out yourself.

244d715adf.png (606×443)

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Use it at your own risk and be sure to read the attached Readme.nfo file for instructions.

Download: /temporarily removed/
Password:: arcanecfg
Virus Scan: VirusTotal.com

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