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Top 5 Android Hacking Apps for 2018

These are my top 5 hacking apps for Android for the year 2018.
When I say 2018, I don't necessarily mean apps that were released this year, but apps that are fully functional and still relevant.

5. zANTI

zANTI is a mobile penetration testing toolkit created by the mobile security company Zimperium. It supports an array of features like scanning a device for known vulnerabilities, performing man-in-the-middle attacks, and even password cracking on certain protocols. zANTI 3.0 was released earlier this year and you can download it for free from their official website. This is an app that is preferred by a lot of cyber-sec professionals in the industry, but is one that I personally don't prefer due to its commercial nature. You don't /need/ root access for basic operations, but it's pretty pointless without it.
Official Link

4. Intercepter-NG

Intercepter-NG is a network toolkit that specializes in man-in-the-middle attacks. Intercepter supports password sniffing, message sniffing, packet capture and more. You can read their official Wiki page to view all the offered features and for troubleshooting. And yes, it does require root access.
Official Link

3. Linux Deploy

This is not a pen-testing app by itself, but I think it's one that most hackers would find extremely useful. Linux deploy is an opensource app that basically allows you to install a GNU/Linux distribution on your Android phone. It is available on the Playstore, and has over a million downloads. It supports most of the popular distributions like Kali Linux, Arch Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, and more. 
It runs in a chroot environment to make sure you don't break your phone, and all the packages and components you install on the distro are reversible and can be removed completely. 
They have a detailed guide on how to install Kali Linux using Linux Deploy that you can check out if you're interested.

2. DriveDroid

This is one of my personal favorites. Similar to Linux Deploy, this is not a pentesting app by itself. DriveDroid allows you to convert your phone into a bootable USB device. So, if you connect your phone to your laptop or PC, you can boot into your favorite Linux distro, or even boot into images like KonBoot and BootRepair straight off of your phone. If you're still not impressed, let me tell you why I personally like this app. You can actually create a persistent Kali Linux installation image on your phone. For those of you who don't know what persistence is, it means that unlike a live boot, any changes you make to the distro are actually saved and restored when you boot it up again. So not only can you connect your phone to your PC and boot up Kali Linux, but any new packages that you download or modifications that you make will also be saved within that installation. There's a very detailed guide on the official site that explains how to do this that you should check out if you're interested. 
DriveDroid is freely available on the Playstore and has over a million downloads. And yes, you do need root access for this to work.
Official Link

1. Termux

Termux is my number one android app for hackers. For those of you who don't know what it is, Termux is an opensource terminal emulator for Android. Since Android is based on the Linux kernel, you can get a shell on Android that is accessed through the command-line. Many popular Linuxpackages have been ported to Termux to make sure that differences in architecture and libraries is not a problem. To get a list of all the available packages on Termux, use the command pkg list-all.
This includes popular hacking programs like Hydra, nmap and SQLMap
The reason why Termux is number 1 however, is because it supports the Metasploit-Framework. Metasploit is the world's most popular pen testing framework, and with Termux, you can run it straight off of your phone. Once you're able to run Metasploit, most of these other apps actually become redundant since you can do almost everything from Metasploit itself. 

Here's a detailed guide on how to install Metasploit using Termux:

A special mention goes out to Kali NetHunter, which did not make it in this list since it's a custom ROM and not an app, but is probably the best solution for anyone who is serious about pen testing on Android. 
Also, a pro tip for everyone watching this, for obvious reasons, I don't recommend installing any of these apps on your personal phone. I have a dedicated Nexus 5 that is running NetHunter along with a few of these apps, and I suggest you do the same.

Good luck and godspeed gents,
~ Arcanecfg

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