Net Ghost


Net Ghost is the ultimate free solution for all your proxy needs.
If you're looking for a free, simple and, easy to use program which will get you thousands of proxies with the click of a button and also let you check them, Net Ghost is exactly what you're looking for.

Latest Version: 1.5

  • Grab over 30,000 fresh proxies.
  • All proxy sources are updated multiple times every day.
  • Export proxylist in IP:Port format.
  • Scrape from nearly ANY proxy site (even HMA).
  • Built-in Proxy Checker.
  • Auto updater - new sources are added every week!

[Image: 5a36beb5fd.png]

[Image: 29004c8150.png]

[Image: 3b264e9c6c.png]

Grabbing proxies:
[Image: 8916474289.gif]

Checking proxies:
[Image: c1e03b5ed8.gif]

How to scrape HideMyAss proxies:
  1. Go to
  2. Press CTRL+A and CTRL+C to copy the entire webpage.
  3. Paste it into the SCRAPER tab of Net Ghost and click PARSE.
  4. Done.

Virus Scan: VirusTotal
Download: MediaFire   Total Downloads: 62,340 (As of September, 2018)
Password: arcanecfg

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- Arcanecfg.


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