Windows 10 Background Update Killer

Are you sick and tired of Windows 10 updating in the background regardless of how many times you disable updates and kill the services? So am I.

Hijacker — Wireless Cracking Assistant for Android

Hijacker is a Graphical User Interface for the penetration testing tools Aircrack-ng, Airodump-ng, MDK3 and Reaver. It offers a simple and easy UI to use these tools without typing commands in a console and copy&pasting MAC addresses.

Instagram Private and Public Photo Scraper — C# Source

A simple command-line program that scrapes photos off public and private Instagram profiles.

Hack Windows 7 Remotely Using DOUBLEPULSAR — NSA Hacking Tool

Last month, a group of hackers by the name of "The Shadow Brokers" leaked a bunch of tools that were supposedly obtained from the NSA during a breach that happened in the year 2013.

Completely OWN a Network Using Kali — DNS Spoof & SEToolkit

How to redirect a URL to your IP address using Kali Linux to completely OWN a network!

Fastest way to crack WPA/WPA2 Passwords

Learn how to crack WPA and WPA2-PSK fast using Aircrack and Hashcat.

How to Install BlackArch Linux — An OS for Pentesters

BlackArch Linux is an Arch Linux-based penetration testing distribution for penetration testers and security researchers.

Top 10 Android Hacking Apps of 2017

A list of the ten best hacking and security apps of the year 2017 for Android.
Download links available below.

Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2017 - 18

Hello coffee munchers, as the title suggests, today we're going to be taking a look at the top 5 programming languages to learn in the year 2017.